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Villa Terrace Sunday, May 6, 2018, 5 p.m. - Musical Spring. Villa Terrace, 2220 North Terrace Avenue, Milwaukee.

Singers and instrumentalists performing include: Bob Estlund, Flute, Irina Yanovskaya, Guitar; Cornelia Beilke, Alto, Galina Gerakosov, Piano; Jonathan Bostrom, Piano; Sally Schwarz, Soprano, Suzanne Pajunen, Piano, Suzanne Freshley, Flute; Jeffrey Olson, Clarinet, Carla Coonan, Piano; Donna Shriner, Mezzo Soprano, Suzanne Pajunen, Piano; Theresa Camilli, Piano, Carla Coonan, Piano; Cecilia Davis, Soprano, Carla Coonan, Piano.
Composers include: Mozart, Beethoven, R. Schumann, F. Mendelssohn, Baron, Brahms, Hoffman, Canteloube, S. Barber, and Rodrigo. Sally Schwarz, Donna Shriner and Suzanne Pajunen, Co-Chairs.

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To make music is one of life's greatest gifts.

Whether made alone or with others, it can soothe the heart, lift the spirit, and stir the soul.

Sharing this gift with others is at the core of the MacDowell Club.

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